Far-right extremism

International far-right extremists commemorate Nazi collaborator Lukov

About 250 neo-Nazis commemorated the Bulgarian fascist and Nazi collaborator Hristo Lukov on the evening of 22.2.2020 in Sofia. Already since 2003 neo-Nazis have been organizing a torchlight march on the occasion of Lukov’s death. This year it was forbidden on short notice. Only one meeting was allowed, in which right-wing extremists from Bulgaria (Bulgarian National Union, Byal Front/White Front), Germany (Die Rechte), France (Les Nationalistes, Pride France), Scandinavia (Nordic Resistance Movement), Romania, Hungary (Légió Hungária) and the USA (Rise Above Movement) took part.
A group from the environment of the German far-right party “Die Rechte” was denied permission to leave the country by German authorities in advance. They successfully opposed the ban and took part in the rally.

The commemoration is organized by the extreme right-wing “Bulgarian National Union Edelweiss (BNU)”. Previously, the public prosecutor’s office had demanded a ban on the organisation, as they had formed an illegal military structure. During house searches, weapons, ammunition, uniforms and Nazi literature were confiscated.

In the afternoon, about 300 people marched through the centre of the Bulgarian capital and protested against the extreme right-wing commemoration.