Far-right extremism

International far-right extremists commemorate Nazi collaborator Lukov

About 250 neo-Nazis commemorated the Bulgarian fascist and Nazi collaborator Hristo Lukov on the evening of 22.2.2020 in Sofia. Already since 2003 neo-Nazis have been organizing a torchlight march on the occasion of Lukov’s death. This year it was forbidden on short notice. Only one meeting was allowed, in which right-wing extremists from Bulgaria (Bulgarian […]

Far-right extremism Hungary

German neo-Nazis at SS commemoration march in Budapest

A few thousand people took part in a commemorative march in the Buda Hills during the night of 8-9 February 2020. The 60-kilometre-long “escape” march refers to the Battle of Budapest in the winter of 1944/45. Hundreds of participants wore Nazi uniforms, badges and weapons. Checkpoints where stamps were distributed were decorated with swastikas, insignia […]